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The Best #3


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In the days before a young upstart named Dale Earnhardt came onto the scene, I was a tried and true Cale Yarborough fan. Until one day at the end of Cale's career this gutsy guy passed "THE" Richard Petty in the grass! His name was Dale Earnhardt. From that day forward, I've been a big fan. After Cale retired I was "The Intimidators" biggest fan. Now I respected Richard Petty, I mean, NO ONE will ever again have 200 wins because of the rules towards parity on the circuit, but not even King Richard could drive a set of wheels like old Ironhead could. How many drivers could constantly start at the back of the pack and gain a top 5 finish like Dale??........answer--------NO ONE!!!!!!


Nowhere in the annals of sport did a number strike fear into the hearts of competitors like the #3 did in Winston Cup. Imagine driving on a track at 200 mph. and having a car sporting the GM GOODWRENCH hood markings and the #3 in the headlight bezels a mere 2 inches from your back bumper!........fear?.....intimidation?.....goose bumps?? bet!


Come on guys! Let's get this show on the road! I'm bored, lets wrinkle some fenders!


How and where with pictures do you begin to describe the career of a man who has done everything there is to do in Winston Cup except claim an unprecedented 8th championship!? And before Sunday February 18, 2001 that was sure to happen. Many of the newer fans considered him a "dirty" driver but thats ok to the many of us who have followed his career. We know that the majority of the drivers during the era when he began, drove the same way. It was a case of "survival of the fittest". Now that he is no longer with us, the old hard line, drive by the seat of your pants racers are gone. Nascar will never be the same!(but then again, we have Jr.!!)



Anyone remember this? First Cup race was in this 75 Dodge!





Yes, those are Fords and yes that is #15! In '82 & '83 we did have a minor setback with one of those "other" manufacturers! But, hey, we all make mistakes! And he did win a championship in '84, so it wasn't a total loss!



Dale also sported a #2 on his door (no Rusty it didn't rub off on you) in a Pontiac and an Olds. But the bright red interior and the shiny black exterior is what most people are familiar with.





WHAT?...a rookie of the year with no sponser??






The Wrangler years. The beginning years. A lot of people gave up the old Levis in favor of Wranglers for a while. I know I did......hey but I was a kid!.....Just glad he went to GM Goodwrench.....Levis fit better!

dale car2.jpg

Tough?.....How many drivers still use an open face helmet?


So, we've almost come to the end of another page! But wait! There's plenty more. I tried to be as accurate as I could but the chronology may be a little off. Afterall, I am relying mostly on the memories of a 41 year old brain here, so cut me some slack! If you do notice any errors, please let me know by signing my guestbook on the home page, so that I can correct them!



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The NASCAR pictures on this site (except the ones on the next page, they're my scans, feel free to use them) were obtained from various sites on the web that I believed to be public in nature. I will be providing a links page where these sites will get credit. If however you "own" pictures on this site and want them removed, then I will gladly do so if requested.